Zurich Airport chooses LOOP Associates to develop identity for ambitious new building complex

Danish brand and design agency LOOP Associates leads way finding and identity development for Zurich Airport’s new hub for business and lifestyle, “The Circle”

Press release, March 2017

As part of a strategy to position Zurich Airport as a leading destination for business, culture and lifestyle, the airport conceptualised “The Circle”: An ambitious building complex housing leading brands, restaurants, art, hotels, health services and conference halls. It will be connected to the airport through fluid way finding, communication and identity. Brand and design agency LOOP Associates have been chosen to conceptualise and develop those aspects, aiming to use all three to communicate warmth, clarity, and unity between all elements of “The Circle”.The identity will provide an accessibly human complement to famed Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto’s elegant and minimalist vision for the building.

“LOOP convinced us with their holistic design approach and proven record of experience,” says Beat Pahud, Senior Vice President. “They create compelling identities with global expertise, passion and professionalism.” LOOP Associates supports the design process throughout the public spaces
within the 180,000 square meter space. They will especially focus on “The Path”, a physical and conceptual installation leading visitors through a stimulating and visually appealing journey through “The Circle”.

“We are proud to take part in developing The Circle,” says Lars Toft, Managing Director of LOOP Associates. “It was an exciting challenge for us to meet, both creatively and business-wise. We’re happy to contribute our understanding of identity development to every touchpoint, as well as work with a variety of creative talents like Riken Yamamoto.”

“The Circle” is set to open by the end of 2019.

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